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sooooooo, i was on holiday but got to write sum for mad decent...
they will release our ep "il buono , il brutto e il cattivo" really buono is diplo, il brutto is me (phra) and il cattivo is bot when in studio with his mastering outboards....this mix i did in the train from stresa to bern is full of what we like right now...sum diplo ,boy 8-bit, dtl, busta rhymes (bangggggalalaladaaaaash)... stuff... we was bouncin in the train (bot got to stop his movie to listen the mix :))))))
but "dai" cmon listen the mix and don't ask me to speak english...i'm baaaaaaaaaad
ciao to all...tnx to all
kiss to to allcrookers bring it on this mix! some of my favorite shit right now!


crookers E.P.istola EP available now on mad decent!!

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mad decent worldwide radio #31 - Dirty South Joe 'TOLD NOT SOLD' BRICK BANDITS & DIRTY SOUTH JOE PRESENTS

This is the first in a series of mixes intending to eventually cover every notable release in the history of the Baltimore Club sound. The combination of New York and Chicago house, as well as UK breakbeat/rave era tunes from the late '80s and early '90s, provided the sound's genesis. American labels like Strictly Rhythm and Dancemania, along with UK imprints such as Blapps! and Shut Up & Dance, found a home in every soon to be Club King's crates, and bits and pieces of what came to be known as Baltimore Club can be heard throughout their grooves. For an absolutely CRUCIAL play by play of some of the records that started the scene, DJ Technics has compiled a list (

This particular mix is by no means comprehensive. I picked these out more or less because of the similarities between them. The Godfather, Scottie B, called it "proper" and that's all that matters to me! It was recorded all the way live on two turntables and Serato with no headphones, cuz that's how we do it at Ol' Head headquarters. Lots of pops and crackles in the cuts, but I tend to think it gives it a "time capsule" sort of appeal. Super shout out to Scottie B and Shawn Caesar at Unruly Records and DJ Stumble for the killer artwork

Here's the tracklisting, along with a word or two from Scottie B to put things in perspective:
1. Andrew Dice Clay - Mother Goose (Dance Club Instrumental)
"Woke Technics out of a sleep over this."
2. Petra & Co - Just Let Go (dub)
"One of those house jawns that bridged club."
3. Oji - Original Man
"Great take on number 2."
4. Masters At Work - The Ha Dance
"See 2."
5. Circle Children - Zulu (Braxton Intro)
"See 2."
6. Pirates Of The Caribbean - Tu No Sabe
"See 2 again...Armand again!!!"
7. Big City - Spanish Lesson
"DJ Freeze...people was like "oh shit!!!""
8. Greed - Give Me
"See was BIGGGG!!!"
9. S.o.S. - Crank This Mutha
"One of several takes on a DJ Food track."
10. Hoovers & Spraycans - Hoovers & Spraycans
"First ravey jawn for the Baltimore crowd."
11. Stereo MCs - On 33 (45 King Dub)
"One of the linchpins."
12. ? - Let The Pros Go
"UK hip house rules Bmore!!"
13. Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted The Beat
"See 2 again."
14. KW Griff - Odells Beat
"Modern example of the old school sound."
15. II Da Life - Go
"One of the first Bmores nobody ever mentions."
16. Ultraworld - Life After Death
"See 2 again and again!"
17. The Blunted Dummies - House For All (S-Man's Deep In The Vibe Edit)
"Best selling Unruly jawn ever."

Get ready for Part 2 and by all means ENJOY!


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mad decent worldwide radio #30 - Emynd ‘BOUNCE IT’ Crossfaded Bacon and Mad Decent Records present
Mad Decent Worldwide Radio #30: BOUNCE IT
Mixed by Emynd

I started listening to Bounce music about two years ago and, over the past couple years, have acquired a pretty extensive collection of CDs, MP3s, and records of this really rich music.  For those unfamiliar with Bounce, it is a fairly unique strain of club-oriented hip-hop that originated in New Orleans sometime around 1991 with MC TT Tucker's "Where Dey At." Almost 20 years later, Bounce still dominates the urban club and block party scene in New Orleans with very little major label backing.  Just as Baltimore Club is based on the Lyn Collins' "Think" break and the Gaz "Sing Sing" break, Bounce beats are based on samples from The Showboy's "Drag Rap" (aka "Triggerman") and Derek B's "Rock The Beat" drum break (more commonly known as "the Brown Beat"). The best club music seems almost always to thrive on calculated simplicity, and Bounce is no exception, relying on MC work that is based on simple call and response chants, straightforward rhyme schemes/patterns, and repetitive dance refrains.  My buddy Noz-- -- has helped me learn a lot about this music and several years ago (right after Katrina), he put together a really great collection of earlier Bounce songs that you can download (  Also, the first podcast on New Orleans rap has got some good stuff on it as well.

In contrast to Noz's collection of songs, I made my mix as an effort to put people onto some more recent New Orleans Bounce songs and artists that they likely aren't very familiar with.  As you'll notice pretty quickly, I've kept the mixing and DJing to a real minimum and tried to move pretty quickly from song to song to fit in as much stuff is possible.  There isn't a real rhyme or reason for most of the selections on here.  They're mostly just a bunch of Bounce songs I really like, and I'm hoping some of y'all will enjoy this stuff enough to go and support some of these artists.  I've provided links wherever possible to help make that search as easy as I could because a lot of these folks have a pretty strong presence on Myspace.  Please hit these dudes up on their Myspace, support their events, and buy whatever you can from them.

1.  Intro
2.  DJ Jubilee "Get Ready, Ready!" (1997)
3.  Chev "Picture This" (2004)
4.  5th Ward Weebie "5th Ward Weebie Part 3" (2003)
5.  Peacachoo "Get High" (2004)
6.  Kilo "Pop Dat Tattoo" (2008)
7.  Peacachoo and Blaza ft Hot Boy Johnny "Danity Kane Remix" (2007)
8.  Kane and Abel featuring 5th Ward Weebie and Hot Boy Ronald "Toot It Up" (2003)
9.  5th Ward Weebie "Dip It" (2008)
10.  10th Ward Buck "Drop & Gimme 50" (2007)
11.  9th Ward Tea "Pull A Muscle" (2008)
12.  Peacachoo and Gotty Boi Chris "Cut It Up" (2006)
13.  Sissy Nobby "Snake" (2008)
14.  De Ja Vu "Abracadabra" (2005)
15.  Peacachoo and Gotty Boi Chris "Blocka Blocka" (2007)
16.  South Rakkas Crew and Emynd "Mad Again (NOLA Bounce Remix)" (2008)
17.  Dime Gyrl Drell "They Mad" (2005)
18.  Gotty Boi Chris ft 5th Ward Weebie "Where She At" (2005)
19.  Gotty Boi Chris "She Make Me (Laaard!!!)" (2005)
20.  Faster Boyz "I Ain't Had Sex In A Long Time" (2004)
21.  10th ward Buck "Buck Hop" (2004)
22.  Naughty "Walk With It" (2003)
23.  DJ Jubilee "Where Y'all From" (2004)
24.  2 Sweet "Do Like I Told Ya" (1997)
25.  Katey Red "Melpomene Block Party" (1999)
26.  Willie Puckett "Doggie Hopp" (1997)
27.  Partners n Crime "We Don't Love Them Hoes" (1994)
28.  DJ Jubilee "Back That A** Up" (2000)
29.  Ricky B "Y'all Holler" (1996)
30.  Lil Wayne & Curren$y "New Orleans Classic" (2007)
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mad decent worldwide radio #29 - Boy 8-Bit 'Suspense Is Killing Me' As you probably know, my first E.P. 'Suspense Is Killing Me' for Mad Decent has been released. You may have heard the title track in Diplo's Turtles mix from last year - and its finally available for purchase! The E.P. also contains 2 other club influenced tracks in 'The Cricket Scores' and 'Bulbs Burn Out' and an awesome remix of 'Suspense' by Drop The Lime.

To celebrate the release I have done a little mix for Mad Decent radio... Its a little selection of my current favourite tracks and influences all mashed together, From old computer game music, poppy stuff like LadyHawke to the hard electro stuff like The Proxy (Who's current tunes 'Dance in Dark' and Raven are the biggest tunes around!!) Techier stuff like Stephan Bodzin, through Popof, Bumpy Bmore kick drums and loops (DJ Sega and Say Wut). Melodic stuff (Oxia) through to friends and crew (Fake Blood, Crookers) and tracks that are just awesome (Focker)

Anyway, I've only used elements of certain tracks in this mix, but all of them are worth tracking down and listening to. I really wanted to use the horns in the Say Wut thing, but I had real problems getting it all in key. Oh and I decided to try and re-edit the Focker track rather than just play it straight. BLah Blah BLah  I hope you enjoy it!

Music from Final Fight on the Amiga
Dan Le Sac - 'Look for the Woman' (Fake Blood Remix)
LadyHawke - 'Paris Is Burning' (Peaches Remix)
The Proxy - 'Ready To Watching'
Bodzin and Huntemann - 'Rubin'
Popof - 'Alcoolic'
Say Wut - 'NFL Ho'
MIA - 'XR'2 (Just the drums)
Dj Sega - 'Bodies Hit The Floor'
Oxia - 'Domino'
Rekorder - 'Rekorder 00'
Memphis Bleak - 'Is That your chick'
Crookers and Boy 8-Bit - 'The Crow'
Late of The Pier - Focker (Boy 8-Bit Re-edit)
Alan Silvestri - Robot Romp (From Flight of the Navigator)
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mad decent worldwide radio #28 - lost passport this is a weird one!  system d-128 gives us somethin to kick off summer.  I like to go to sleep!

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mad decent worldwide radio #27 - Diplo live on UK pirate radio wassup world innit!
this is diplo live on the radio in s.e. london
i wanna say its on a pirate station cause its some low wat hole in the wall thing ..
but its actually sponsored by diesel and they have a short license or some crap..
but YO
i interviewed blaqstarr.. took requests (for black lips remixes from pekham) and ate a meal during my set (the second hour was really drawn out and crappy)
but eventually i got back in the groove and started to tear it up the last 15 minutes with some wierd music.
but its all live even whil I was eatin (notice mad shitty mixes I did)
sorry for the lag - we got mad podcast this summer.. Egon from stones throw.. Boy 8 bit.. New orleans revisted to name a few
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mad decent worldwide radio #26 - SOUTH RAKKAS MEGASOUND - MAD AGAIN OUT NOW!! SOUTH rakkas released this mix in Japan as part of a the World Riddim Cup series, where they represented Canada last year.. it nuts, This mix contains 78 songs; almost all of thier Dancehall Riddim catalog.  

theres so many damn song that if you wanna know the tracklisting
download the XML file.. for real -

i got better things to do than write 10,000 south rakkas tracks on here..
but go buy the 12î online or in stores

mad decent worldwide radio #25 - whats a niche? whatís in sheffield? I was only there once but it was pretty miserable, like always grey clouds and bus stops and mud puddles. but it does have some music history.. from 80ís synth pop - heaven 17 , thompson twins, and cabaret voltair to autechre and now the artic monkeyfaces.. but theres some mad scene thats been comin up there called niche - named after a nightclub that recently closed.. its kinda speed garage - sped up more and run through some dumb basslines! if u been to uk in the last year - youve heard T2 - heartbroken-  a quintessential track from that scenes sound... its all about 140 bpms and has a 4/4 and pretty much bangs! my dudes bok bok and manara (aka faggatronix - that name kills me) just put it down with whats what in the niche/bassline set right now.. check em out (they are not from sheffield btw)  

01 . intro
02 . DJ MURKZ - datz me
03 . TRC - toybox
04 . CHEEKSTA - baby (T2 remix)
05 . EJ - u.f.o
06 . JTJ - love
07 . DA MIGHTY BLAZE - trojan warrior
08. TS7 - smile ft TONIA
09 . PALEFACE & FLUKES - salt slugs
10 . DEXPLICIT - lifey
11 . TRC - best things ft SCREAMA
12 . DJ MURKZ - dark and grey
13 . DJ Q - fear
14 . NITRO - its you
15 . DEXPLICIT - might be ft GEMMA FOX
16 . IRONSOUL - you liar
17 . MERKURY - my all
18 . ZOMBY - spliff dub (MR FIGZ remix)
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mad decent worldwide radio #24 - DJ sega - THE MOVIE!!! hollertronix 8 OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!

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mad decent worldwide radio #23 - Introducing Dj sega and the brick bandits i met dj sega at his weekly party at Jamz skating rink.. i gotta say didnt know what tha fuck was going on in that place. something likea bunch of under 18 yr old black kids dressed kinda nu rave listening to hardcore party music and making up dances.. i had no idea this stuff was happenin right here in philly..  Now we just signed up sega to do this Hollertronix number 8 and its kinda got me thinking like how the hell did this kid from the bricks out in West Philly decide to make mudvayne and drowning pool remixes with lil jon samples.. thats just a snippet of what the brick bandit crew is up to.. this mix goes over his whole crews sound - the crew ranges between philly and newark , NJ- the brick bandits... tameil, mike v, tim dolla among others are murdering it right now. its not just a bmore thing - we got the video podcast coming next to show u how nuts it all is